• Human Anatomy and Physiology is an extensive honors course.  The focus here is to familiarize the student with the structures and functions of the human body.  The students will also become familiar with malfunctions or diseases of the human body.  Because this course is an elective with specific prerequisites, it is challenging for the science student.  The vocabulary is equivalent to learning another language.  Contents of this course include the major systems of the body. 

    At the conclusion of each system of the body, students will perform research on a particular disease/disorder of that system

     Throughout the year there will be laboratory work, some in the form of dissections.
    At the end of the year the contents of this course will be summarized with the dissection of a fetal pig, or other organisms.  This is not mandatory.  Students who choose not to participate in the dissection will have the opportunity to experience a simulated dissection on the computer.  The students will work on this dissection in groups as a final project
    Each student will be assigned a textbook and anatomy coloring book at the beginning of the year.  The students are responsible to bring the coloring book and colored pencils  (36 pack is preferred) to class each day.  This is a workbook that they will keep at the end of the year.   Textbooks are to be kept at home for reference and are to be returned at the end of the year.
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