Listen Up Music Students!
    Explore These
    Great Music Web Sites!
    New York Philharmonic for Kids
    Take the Poll of the Day!
    Explore the Instrument Storage Room!
    Play in the Game Room!
    Visit the Musicians' Lounge!
    Go to the Instrument Lab
    and experiment!
    Read the Newstand!
    Have fun in the
    Composition Workshop!
    View the Composers' Gallery!
    Dallas Symphony Orchestra for Kids
    Meet the DSO Kid of the Month!
    Play Games!
    Listen to Music!
    Make Your Own Instruments!
    Sit in the Practice Chair!
    Read the DSO Kids News!
    Check out the
    Orchestra Seating Chart!
    Open the Instrument Encyclopedia
    and hear many instruments!
    PBS Kids
    Try it out!
    San Francisco Symphony for Kids
    Visit The Music Lab, listen to the
    Radio, and explore the
    Instruments of the Orchestra!
    Great Web Site to Learn and Explore
    all About Classical Music!
    Acclaimed Web Site All About JAZZ!
    The Young Person's Guide
    to the Orchestra,
    by Benjamin Britten
    Carnegie Hall, New York, NY
    Join Violet as she embarks on an
    instrument safari to collect all the
    instruments of the orchestra!
    Dvorak's Symphony No. 9
    "From The New World"
    Navigate a musical and visual journey
    to the New World
    with Atonin Dvorak.
    Visit the house that Jazz legend
    Louis Armstrong lived in
    in Corona, Queens, NY.
    Use your computer keyboard
    to play the Gourd Tree,
    a musical invention
    by Harry Partch!
    Go check out
    Disney's Little Einsteins
    and have fun with Music!
    Fun Music Web Site
    Great Listening Games & Activities!
    Want To Write Your Own Music?
    This is a great place to start!
    Plus Tons Of Great Games!
    Great Music Games!
    Check out the Dot Mixer,
    Kitchen Sink-o-pation,
    and Step Re-Mix!