• Dear Parents of Incoming Kindergartners,

     Enclosed you will find information regarding our Kindergarten Orientation Program.  We are pleased to offer our pre-schoolers an exciting series of one-hour sessions which we hope will familiarize them with the Forest Lake School and help to ease their transition into Kindergarten.  All programs begin at 2:00 and last until 3:00.  The only exception is our last session on May 16th, which begins at 1:30 and ends at 2:30.

     We also would like to offer our parents a series of concurrent programs provided by a different guest speaker(s) each month.  It is hoped that these sessions might further your understanding of our school, our staff and our educational programs. 

     Each monthly meeting will feature a guest speaker from our professional staff.  Informative presentations will be provided centering on topics relevant to parents of kindergartners. Please see the attached schedules for the parent talks and student activities. In order to get the most from our talks, I would suggest that alternative child care arrangements be made for younger siblings.  If this is not possible, please bring along some quiet activities for your little ones.  When you arrive each month, please be sure to have a picture ID handy as it will be collected prior to your entrance. 

     We look forward to seeing you at our first session on Thursday, November 29th at 2:00!



     Anthony F. Ciuffo





    Thursday, November 29                     “Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know

                                                                About Forest Lake”

                                                              Presented by:

                                                               Anthony F. Ciuffo, Jr., Principal



    Thursday, January 17                         “Ensuring a Smooth Transition to Kindergarten”

                                                                Presented by:                                                                          

                                                                Tracy Zelenetz, Ph.D., School Psychologist

                                                                “Fine Motor Skills in Kindergarten”

                                                                Presented by:

                                                                Christine Grey/Linda Rini, Occupational Therapist




    Thursday, February 14                         “Meet our Special Area Specialists!”                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                Beth Marinis                Music

                                                                Leova Manbhat                        IMC


                                                                   “Health and Wellness”

                                                                   Vicki Alssid – School Nurse


     Thursday, March 14                            “Emergent Literacy”

                                                                Presented by:

                                                                Erica D’Allesandro      Supportive Reading Teacher

                                                                Susan Murphy             Supportive Reading Teacher


    `                                               “An Overview of the Kindergarten Program”

                                                                Presented by:                                                  

                                                                Lynne Adams              Kindergarten Teacher

                                                                Robin Conte                Kindergarten Teacher

                                                                Stacey Sandurs             Kindergarten Teacher

                                                                Danielle Schiavetta      Kindergarten Teacher



    Thursday, April 11                              “Role of the Speech/Language Pathologist”

                                                                Jenna Glaser. Speech/Language Pathologist


                                                              “Meet our Special Area Specialists!”

                                                             Natalie Douglas           Art

                                                             Christine Moran           PE

                                                             Colleen Conway          STEAM


    Thursday, May 16                               “Away We Go!”  1:30 – 2:30

                                                                Student Bus Trip

                                                                “The Lunchroom Experience!”

                                                                Anthony F. Ciuffo, Jr., Principal

                                                                “Getting Involved!”

                                                                Presented by PTA Representatives


    The following is the schedule that our incoming students will follow each month. They will meet with a different Forest Lake teacher for a lesson in that teacher’s area, as well as with our parent volunteers for a craft.


    Thursday         November 29                          Art                              Mrs. Douglas

    Thursday         January 17                               STEAM                       Mrs. Conway

    Thursday         February 14                             PE                               Moran

    Thursday         March 14                                 IMC                            Manbhat

    Thursday         April 11                                   Kindergarten               All K Teachers

    Thursday         May 16                                    Bus Ride (1:30)           Mr. Ciuffo


    Upon arrival, please bring your child to the cafeteria.  The program will begin at 2:00 and will end at 3:00 p.m.  While the children are involved in their program, parents are invited to join our principal, Mr. Ciuffo, and a different guest speaker each month.  The parent lectures will be held in various rooms depending on the day.  (See schedule on opposite side of this sheet.) We would prefer that parents join Mr. Ciuffo and the guest speakers rather than stay with their children unless the child is having severe anxiety about separating.


    If you have any questions regarding the orientation program, please feel free to contact us.





    Jaime Becker                                                               Cindy Carey

    JBecker1102@gmail.com                                           Cynthiacareyrn@gmail.com