• Concepts of Print

    Concepts of print refers to an understanding of how printed language works.  Children need to understand that print communicates information and tells a story.

    To help your child learn concepts of print:

    • Read to your child every day.
    • Point out print in your environment: on signs, labels, clothing etc. 
    • Discuss the parts of the book as your read.  Point out the title, the cover, the back of the book and illustrations.  D  T
    • Read repetitive stories such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Your child will become familiar with repeated words or phrases and can use his finger to practice pointing to words as they are read aloud.
    • Have your child turn the pages for you as you read.  Ask him to point to where you should begin reading. 
    • Pretend-reading is a very important early reading skill!  Always accept a child’s pretend-reading and encourage pointing.
    • Decorate your child’s bedroom with posters of familiar songs, poems, or rhymes.  Put the posters at eye level so your child can “read around the room.”
    • Play games when you finish reading aloud.  Go back and count how many letters are in a word or how many words are on a particular page.  Show your child the spaces between words. 
    • Use a magnifying glass for your child to be a letter or word “detective.” Tell the child you spy a three-letter word and see if the child can find it on the page.