• Folk Art Landscapes- 7th graders just learned how to draw in 2-point perspective. For this project, they had to take everything they knew about perspective, vanishing points, proportion, and placement, and throw it out the window! Folk artist, Karla Gerard, was used as an inspiration for these quirky watercolor paintings.
    Keith Haring Idioms- for this fun project, 7th grade students picked an idiom out of a box and had to decide how they could best illustrate it.  Artist, Keith Haring, was used as inspiration for these colorful works. Students used acrylic paint on canvas for these hard edge paintings.
    Snowy Owls- these adorable paintings were created by kindergarteners. Lots of fun, and lots of mess!

    5th Grade (Sonia Delaunay)- for these colorful images, 5th graders learned about artist, Sonia Delaunay, and her colorful, abstract works. Students used, rulers, compasses, and oil pastels to create these beautiful compositions.

    Kindergarten Primary Plants- for this project, kinders first created the center of their flowers using bottle caps and only primary colors. They colored the caps, then twisted them on wet paper to mix and create secondary colors. Next, students learned about lines and patterns and designed their pots. Lastly, students picked a primary color for their table and learned about overlapping and placement. They glued their pots and flower centers down, and drew flowers and stems using only black and primary colors.

    Fisheye Photos- These wonderful images were created by 8th grade students using oil pastels. Images for reference were available, but many students chose to take a picture of their own pet using a fisheye lens app and used their pet as their subject.
    3-D Letters- these fun sculptures were created by 7th grade students.
    Bicycles- 8th grade students created these stunning works by looking at bicycles and then zooming in and finding an interesting composition to draw. They had to pay attention the the NEGATIVE space and make sure to leave the actual bike unpainted.

    Relief Portraits- After learning about the proportions of the human face, 7th grade students used cut paper to create their own person. 3-D O's were used under features and hair to make the faces 3 dimensional
    Winter Trees- 5th grade students created these beautiful images with black tempera paint and watercolors.

    Color Theory Trees- 7th graders created these pieces using oil pastels.

    Zentangle Mosaics- 7th grade students created these pieces by using cut magazines on a Zentangle background.

    2-Point Perspective- These wonderful works were created by 8th graders.

    Pastel Landmarks- 8th graders used glue, Sharpie, charcoal, and chalk pastel to create these pieces.

    5th Grade Letters-  Students designed their initial with painter's tape and used Sharpie and watercolor for the background.
    Color Theory Hard Edge Painting-7th grade students had to create a hard edge painting using an image of food. They had to pick from one of the color schemes they learned about to paint their image. Acrylic paint was used for these vibrant pieces.
    Aboriginal Paintings- (7th grade) Students viewed and discussed the work of the Aboriginal people, and then created their own paintings based on the works. Cardboard, q-tips, and toothpicks were used to apply acrylic paint to make these beautiful pieces.