• Welcome to Mr. Voegler's website,
    I am very excited to welcome you all back.  We are going to have a fun and interesting year learning about Earth Science.  In this course we will investigate the scientific concepts, rules and principles which are associated with planet earth as well as other celestial bodies.  Major units of study include; Astronomy, Earth's Landforms, Earthquakes & Volcanoes, Earth's Geological History, Natural Resources and Meteorology.  Welcome to your first High School Regents Science Class.
    Class Rules:
    1. Follow and listen to directions
    2. Respect the classroom, everyone and everything in it
    3. Be prepared to work everyday
    4. Do your own work
        - Binder with Earth Science section
        - Binder for dittos/folder
        - Colored pencils
        - simple calculator
        - pen/pencil
       ** Reference Table
       ** Earth Science Review Book
    How to figure out your grade:
    Homework- every homework counts towards your homework grade.  I will randomly check homework throughout the quarter. 
    Test/Quizzes-  Every test and quiz are counted towards a point system.  At the end of the quarter all of your points are divided by all the possible points.
    Labs- Labs are an extremely important part of this course.  It is a NYS Earth Science Regents requirement that at least 1,200 minutes (30 labs) be completed before being allowed to take the regents in June.
    Tests/Quizzes/HW-  90%
    Labs-  10%
    ***If you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what work you've missed and make it up***
    Extra Help: Offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays before school in room 407.  Any questions of concerns please feel free to contact me by email at   voeglerr@wantaghschools.org