• Assessments
    Tests and quizzes:  Most exams will be based on Regents type questions consisting of multiple choice and free response questions.  Tests will be given at the end of each topic.  The regents exam will count as 1/9 of your total final course grade.  A quiz will be given appoximately once per week
    Assignments and engagement:
    Homework: will be given approximately 4 nights per week and occasionally on a weekend.  Homework will be based on the text book or assigned from the castle learning website.  

    Labs:  New York State requires regents classes to complete a specific amount of lab work in order to be eligible to take the regents exam in June.  The number of labs to be completed is approximately 35.  All labs must be completed to earn full credit for the course. 

    At the end of each quarter one lab will be chosen randomly and a quiz will be given based on the completed lab.  The lab and the quiz will determine the quarter lab grade.  This grade will be included in the quarter grade average. 
    Quarter grades will be determined based on average summation of all grades.