• 1 Safety First

    2.  Respect:  Mutual respect for every person in the classroom.  This includes paying attention to when anyone is speaking, personal property, classroom material, as well as any ideas or thoughts spoken.

    3.  Always come to class prepared.

    4.  Raise hands to speak.


    6.  Unexcused absences will be referred to the Dean's office.

    7.  If you are legally absent you will be responsible for missed work.  You will be given double time to makeup any missed work.  If the work is not handed in within this time, a zero will be recorded.  

          ****If you are absent the day of a test only, (legally) you will be given a make up test on the day you return. 

    8.  Always follow and read instructions.

    9.  No questions is a stupid question.  Questions are encouraged.

    10.   Wantagh High School now has a "no visibility" cell phone policy.  Consequences for inappropriate cell phone use are as follows:  1st offense: warning, 2nd offense: phone is confiscated for the period and a parent will be called, 3rd offense:  phone will be confiscated for the day and the student will be sent to the dean.  

    11.  The sign out/in book must be used properly if a student wishes to leave the classroom. Students may be denied this privilege if proper procedures are not followed.