• Advanced Placement Environmental Science
    The course is information intensive and therefore, grades will be 85% based on exams and the remaining 15% on quizzes.  The exams will reflect the Advanced Placement test.  Please attend extra help if the material seems to be overwhelming or confusing.  The AP Environmental exam is offered during the first two weeks of May.  Registration forms and fees are due prior to exam.
     Honors Living Environment
    The course is focused on learning Biology.  It will encompass the content taught in AP Biology, but at the Regents level.  Students will be expected to engage in conversation, laboratory procedures and adhere to a meticulous lab folder and notebook.  Extra help will be offered and students should attend when needed.  Grades will be determined by a cumulative, summation point system among tests, quizzes and laboratory activities.  There is an SAT 2 for Biology offered in May or June for students that did extremely well.
    The course is debate-discussion based.  Students should be active in participating during class, offering their opinions and/or reasoning.  There are many sensitive issues discussed and thus, students must be respectful of their classmates.  Essay assignments will make up the bulk of the grade for this course.  An essay is due roughly every other week dealing with the issue discussed in class.  The essay should reflect a case discussed in class and your opinion of how the outcome of the case was determined.  A personal opinion, with supportive evidence, should be included in each essay.  Essays should not exceed two (2) pages.
    Conceptual Physics
    The course is designed to offer the opportunity for students to learn physics without being required to take a Regents exam.  This course will involve many projects, which correspond to the lessons, movie worksheets, and tests/quizzes.  The grades will be determined by using a summation process, where all assignments are offered a value, and the average will be determined by how many points the student earned per assignment.