• Wantagh High School

    Living Environment Honors

    Mrs. Sebastiano


    Welcome Back!  A new school year brings with it a fresh start, a chance to grow and the opportunity to learn.  The living environment is filled with important and fascinating topics.  You will learn about life!!  Some of the interesting topics you will learn about include current genetic research, species competition and the human body.


    Because your success in this class is my ultimate goal, together we must maintain the best learning and teaching environment.  An ideal classroom is a place where the student can learn without interruption, disrespect or ridicule.  Besides learning about DNA, adaptations and human evolution, you will also learn that human behavior is the key to our survival on this planet.


    This course is designed to prepare you for the Living Environment Regents Exam.  It is also designed to help you prepare for the SAT subject exam in Biology.  This class will also help you establish a solid foundation in Biology that will be helpful if you take Advanced Placement Biology in the future. 
    Students interested in taking the SAT subject exam in Biology must visit the College Board website to register for the exam which is given several times throughout the school year but I urge students to register for the last one offered in June.  Students must also purchase an SAT review book for Biology. I usually recommend the Barons review book but any SAT subject test in Biology book will work and they can be purchased at Barnes and Noble. 


    In order to ensure that everyone succeeds in my classroom, I expect everyone to maintain a few classroom standards which include:


    1.    Follow directions the first time they are given.

    2.    Respect the classroom and everyone and everything in it.

    3.    Be prepared to do your own work every day.

    4.    Read and follow all laboratory directions CAREFULLY.









    1.    Every student is required to bring a pen, pencil, a Living Environment notebook/binder and folder to class every day.


    2.    Homework is given regularly and must be completed on time. 



    3.    New York State requires that all Living Environment students complete 1,200 minutes of laboratory work, including 4 NYS required laboratory activities.  You will complete approximately 30 laboratory activities by June in this class.  Lab is a very important part of this course.  Every quarter I will collect and grade 1 lab and count it as a quiz grade BUT you will not know which lab until the end of the quarter approaches.  This means that you should treat every lab assignment as if you were taking a quiz.


    4.    Assignments are given every major vacation which typically involves the independent learning of a chapter in the text followed by an exam when school is back in session.



    5.    A long term project will also be assigned, usually during the second marking period.


    Extra help is available.  Students should speak to me to set up an extra help session.