Journalism I
    Grades: Article grade average relating to long-term assessment will be 50 percent of the quarterly grade and the short-term assignment average will be 40 percent. Student engagment will be 10 percent. The best articles will be posted on our new website and will have a chance to be published in our school print newspaper. Students' writing will improve from this class. 
    Journalism II
    Grading will be similar to Journalism I above. Students will build the newspaper website and layout, write and edit the school newspaper.


    Take a look at the Warrior on line at: http://thewarrior.wantaghschools.org/
    On this site you will see several years of Wantagh students outstanding Journalism. However, this site does not include every article that was in the print newspaper. 


    Also view  Warrior Award winners since 1992 at: