• Current Events Assignment


    Each quarter students will be required to complete four (4) current events assignments.  The assignment involves finding a “CURRENT” article from a newspaper or on the Internet regarding marine biology and/or oceanography.  “CURRENT” means that the article must have been written within 1 week of the due date.  The student must hand in the original article and their responses adhering to specific parameters and deadlines.  The assignments will count as 1 test grade for the quarter.


    For each article you must include:


              First Paragraph – title of the article, author, newspaper/internet site,

           date and page in which the article appeared


              Second Paragraph – summary of the article


              Third Paragraph – the article’s relevance to marine biology and/or

            oceanography and how the information in the article

            impacts the marine environment of that area


    The assignment must be NO LESS THAN one full page and no more than 3 pages.  The assignment must be typed; 1 inch margins, 12 New Roman Font and double spaced to receive full credit.


    The assignment must also adhere to the ‘CURRENT EVENT’ status.  In other words, the article used for the assignment must be within a 1 week window of the due date to be accepted for credit.


    *10 points will be deducted for each day the assignment is late.  And will no longer be accepted after 1 week of the due date of each assignment.
    Useful websites:  www.sciencedaily.com