Forensic Science



    Grading Policy:

    1. Labs 

    -         Lab work is a major component of this course, therefore labs will account for 20% of your grade.

    -         If you are absent on the day of a lab, that lab must be made up after school within one week.  The student is responsible to make the arrangements with the teacher.  If the lab is not made up within the allotted time, the student will receive a zero for that lab.

    -         All labs for each quarter MUST be handed in. 

    2. Tests & Quizzes

    -         Tests & Quizzes will account for 70% of your grade.


    -         A test will be given at the end of each topic.

    -         Tests will consist of multiple choice and short answer type questions.


    -         Case studies will be assigned on a topic by topic basis

    -         Quizzes will be based on the assigned case studies
    3. Engagement (10%)

    -        Current Events

    -         Video Assignment

    4.  Classroom Policies:

      1. NO visibility policy (NOT allowed on Desks)

        1. 1st offense: warning

        2. 2nd offense: call home & phone taken away for the period

        3. 3rd & continued offenses: sent to dean, written up & phone taken for the entire day from the dean



    -         The FINAL for this course will consist of a mock crime scene in which you will need to use all previous experience from the course in order to solve the crime that has been committed.



    Absence: (Make-up policy)

        1.   If you are absent for:

    a)     a test – be prepared to take a make-up the day you return.

    b)     a lab – the student must make it up within one week, during extra-help.

    c)     homework – you have one extra day to make it up.  THE STUDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SHOWING THE WORK TO THE TEACHER!! 


        2.   Absence is not an excuse for getting out of work, you are responsible for all the

              work done in class.  If you fall behind, come to extra-help.
           * Extra Help is given Tuesday & Thursday after school in Room 401.