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    Living Environment – Course Outline


    1. Characteristics of Living Things
    2. The Biology Laboratory
    3. Characteristics of Living Things
    4. Cell Theory and Cell Study
    5. Cell Structure and Function
    6. Chemistry of Living Things
    7. Nutrition
    8. Digestions
    9. Transport
    10. Respiration
    11. Excretion
    12. Regulation
    13. Locomotion
    14. Classification of Living Things
    15. Simple Organisms
    16. Multicellular Plants
    17. Multicellular Animals
    18. Cell Reproduction
    19. Asexual Reproduction
    20. Sexual Reproduction in Animals
    21. Human Reproduction
    22. Reproduction in Flowing Plants
    23. Basic Genetics
    24. Going Further in Genetics
    25. Modern Genetics
    26. Evidence of Organic Evolution
    27. Theories on Origin and Change
    28. Organization of the Environment
    29. Humans and the Environment
    The Living Environment Regents

    Regents exam: Is seperated into four parts
    Part A: Multiple Choice
    Part B: Multiple choice and fill-ins bases on charts and graphs
    Part C: Extended response questions and fill-ins
    Part D: Lab based questions from the State labs performed in the classroom
    LABS – 4 NYS Labs must be completed prior to sitting for the NYS Living Environment Regents.