• Click on each of the links below if you are enrolled in an AP course. It is very important that you understand the new online format.

    Demo exams are available by May 4! Test your tech, and experiment with having 2 open windows (one for the exam withthe timer and instructions, and the other a word or google doc to record your responses) Do you know what an "Exam E-Ticket" is? Click on the link below!

    2020 AP Testing Guide for Students VERY IMPORTANT!!! 

    AP Webinar for Students April 16, 2020

    AP Online Learning Opportunities

    AP Website with Updates and Exam Schedules


    You will receive additional information when it becomes available, specifically about how to access the exam on test day. You can find out the date and time of your exam by clicking on the last link above. I heard a great tip: if you know your exam will be at 12:00PM on a given date, start yout study time for that exam at 12:00PM each day. Get used to thinking about the subject matter at that time each day.


    All AP students should have received this email from the College Board:

    School buildings may be closed, but you can still finish your AP® course and take your exam. You've done the work, you're already registered to test, now go get the credit you've earned!

    Good News About This Year's Exams


    They're shorter.


    They'll only focus on what most students covered in class already.


    There's no limit on scores of 3, 4, and 5.


    Colleges will give credit.

    The new tests are 45 minutes rather than three hours.

    They'll only test what was covered in most classes before schools closed.

    All kids who do college-level work will get 3s, 4s, and 5s.

    Colleges have already committed to giving credit. Across the country, admissions officers won't just accept your work, they're cheering you on. (Don't miss the video!)

    How to Take Your Best Shot

    Join optional AP Online Classes and Review Sessions. Some classes will even have celebrity guests!

    Go to AP Classroom for access to free-response practice questions.

    Make sure you know what to expect on each exam you're taking—you can review course-specific exam information.

    Visit our website for the latest updates.

    Keep checking your email. We'll be sending you more information, including how to access your exams.

    Your AP teacher will help guide you along the way.


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