Class of 2020

  • Hi Seniors...coming soon will be a Google Classroom just for seniors. While our website was OK to post documents and messages, we will now have to instruct all of you on how to conduct the Senior Survey. A bit more technology is required to do that. Check your email in the next week or so for the classroom code.


    Hi Seniors...this is not what you or we imagined for the spring of 2020. We can only sympathize, and hope that for all of you brighter times are ahead. As I have said in previous messages, we miss you and want to hear from you. Email us!


    How the Corona Virus is affecting College Admissions (US News and World Report)

    Letter to the Class of 2020

    How to apply for scholarships

    Making final decisions about college

    The Senior Survey


    Hi Seniors,

    How are you? Of all of our sections of the website, the SENIORS tab gets the most "hits". That means you are coming here, and that is good. What is on your mind? Email us. We care.


     Seniors, the William Haps Scholarship through the Wantagh Fire department has been cancelled. 

    We have not forgotten about you. Don't forget about us. Email your counselor and tell us what is going on.

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