Strategic Planning: Technology Committee

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    Technology Committee

    The technology committee will focus on several areas. First, the development of a multi-faceted communication plan that addresses the district website, mobile app, teacher messaging, and many others. Second, the identification of critical technology skills that all students should develop proficiency in and embedding those skills in a developmentally appropriate way at each grade level. Third, the long-range replacement plan for technology infrastructure.


    Committee Co-Chairs 

    Mr. John McNamara and Ms. Penny Curry

    Committee Members:

    Sameerah Cassidy
    Anthony Ciuffo
    Kim Davis
    Courtney Eisenzapf
    Mario Espinoza
    Joy Giangrande
    Erin Joyce
    Danielle Luke
    Nick Pappas
    Marie Pisicchio
    Nancy O’Connor
    Stacey Vespe