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    September 4, 2019


    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    I am honored to be your child’s teacher and excited to teach this dynamic Spanish course. I look forward to working with many of my previous students again, as I had the pleasure of being their 8th grade Spanish teacher at the middle school. It is incredible to watch them grow into young adults.

    Since I am a middle school based teacher, my school web page is listed under the Middle School drop down menu on the school website. Please access it at your discretion for a myriad of resources and useful information pertaining to our Spanish IV classes. In addition, I encourage you and/or your child to sign up for REMIND, a service which I use to send out reminders for upcoming class assessments, project deadlines, and other important pressing information.

    The best way to contact me is via email, but please feel free to leave me a phone number and the best times to reach you. I look forward to working with you and your child to make this a successful and fun school year in Spanish.




    Sra. Como


    Spanish IV Honors

    This thematic project-based course will emphasize students’ conversational and syntactical skills and the usage and understanding of Spanish at more advanced levels. This course will enhance the four skills by means of project development, oral presentations, Internet-based research, music and cinema. Linguistic, cultural and historical aspects of Hispanic civilization as well as contemporary pop culture and current global issues are explored.



    WHS Department Grading Policy

    Grading Policy

    Student Engagement (rubric) 20%

    Quizzes/Written essays/Short presentations 15%

    Exams (count twice as much as quizzes) 25%

    Quarterly Project 40%


    *Students should bring a Spanish/English dictionary to class everyday, especially on writing days.


    Class Participation is extremely important! It is a must in order to succeed in language learning! It is absolutely imperative to participate and even to make mistakes frequently. It is the only way to learn and have fun with language.



    Each marking period develops a theme, and for each theme students will create a project. The writing for these projects takes place in class during writing sessions. Although lessons may focus on a particular section of the Conexiones textbook used in class, supplemental materials are provided by the teacher to cover additional areas of grammar and syntax, current events, cultural aspects, and pop culture.


    First Marking Period - Autobiography Project

    Students will create a personal autobiography book which consists of a title, a dedication page, 10 written chapters, personal photographs with Spanish captions, and a vocabulary addendum.

    Lessons in class will concentrate first on review of previously learned concepts and then on grammar and vocabulary presented in Chapter 4 of the Conexiones textbook.


    Second Marking Period – Travel Unit

    Students will create a Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation on a specific country. The goal of the project is to persuade the audience to visit the country.

    Lessons in class will concentrate on grammar and vocabulary presented in Chapter 8 of the Conexiones textbook.


    Third Marking Period – Cinematography Unit

    Students will create a short film (12-20 minute video) on assigned topics.

    Lessons in class will concentrate on grammar and vocabulary presented in Chapter 6 of the Conexiones textbook.


    Fourth Marking Period – Human Rights and Immigration Unit

    Students will create a series of small projects. Examples of past projects:

    Students will write an essay in regards to a human right and discuss its relevance and why it holds importance to them by citing a real life example of when and how this right was violated, either on an individual level or for a specific group of people.

    Students will write a letter to a family member as if they were leaving their native country giving the reasons for departure.

    Students will create the diary of an immigrant.


    Lessons in class will concentrate on grammar and vocabulary presented in Chapter 3 of the Conexiones textbook.



    REMIND SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS - text the following code to 81010

    Spanish IV period 3 @688kke8

    Spanish IV period 4 @hchak67



    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.

    Together we can provide a successful learning experience for your child!


    Thank you for your support!


    Sra. Como