Book Fair

    Published April 3, 2019

    By: Kylie and Casey



    Published March 8, 2019

    By: Paige, Victoria, Bella (Focus Staff)

    Smiles and Sweethearts

    Published March 7, 2019

    By: Maggie and Cara (Focus Staff)


    Native American Day

    Published March 1, 2019

    By: Sarah, Veronica, Juliana (Focus Staff)



    Reading Some Awesome Books Of The Month

    Published March 1, 2019

    By: Andrew (Focus Staff)


    Morning Program

    Published February 8, 2019

    By: Ava and Charlotte (Focus Staff)


    The Amazing Lunch Bunch!

    Published January 19, 2019

    By: Victoria, Reese, Paige, and Sammy




    The Winter Concert!!!

    Published January 15, 2019

    By:  Brady and Michaila (Focus Staff)