• Math Olympiads

    Published June 6, 2019

    By: Jackson and Dylan (Focus Staff)



    Friends' Club!

    Published March 7, 2019

    By: Michaila and Reese (Focus Staff)

    The Forester Focus

    Published March 7, 2019

    By: Lea and Paige (Focus Staff)


    The Coding Club

    Published February 13, 2019

    By: Ian and Brady (Focus Staff)


    The Chess Club

    Published January 19, 2019

    By: Brady and Andrew (Focus Staff)



    The School Store

    Published January 19, 2019

     BY: Shannon and Michaila (Focus Staff) 




    Volleyball State Champs!

    Published January 17, 2019

    By: Juliana (Focus Staff)