• Staff Spotlight: Forester!

    Published June 6, 2019

    By: Michaella and Brady



    Mrs. Zagorski: Super Teacher to the Rescue!

    Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Zagorski 

    Published April 7, 2019

    By: Bella, Victoria, Amanda, and Sammy



    Julio: The Tech Superhero!

    Staff Spotlight: Julio Prieto

    Published March 1, 2019

    By: Paige and Reese (Focus Staff)


    Pe Is No Limit!

    Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Moran

    Published February 13, 2019

    By: Victoria, Danny, Bella, and Sammy (Focus Staff)


    A Typical Day in a Kindergarten Classroom

    Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Conte

    Published January 18, 2019

    By: Danny and Savannah (Focus Staff)






    The Awesome Mr. Steve!

    Published January 11, 2019

    By: Shannon and Reese (Focus Staff)