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    1. Come to class on time and prepared every day. Supplies include:  Binder, Calculator, Chemistry Reference Tables, Pens & Pencils.
    2. Pay attention during each lesson, take notes, and be prepared to participate in the class discussion. Be respectful of classmates.
    3. Follow all teacher instructions and safety rules in the laboratory.
    4. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed if you are absent. You will be held accountable for this work, so you must make up all assignments, tests, and quizzes as soon as you return to class.
    5. Headphones, cell phones, or any other items that may be a distraction must be put away.


    1. Tests: Tests will be given at the end of each unit.  Each test will be out of 100 points. 
    2. Quizzes: At least one quiz will be given each unit.  Quizzes will vary in point value, usually between 10 and 25 points.  If homework is assigned, it should be completed by the due date, as quizzes are based on these topics.
    3. Labs: Participation and engagement in lab activities will foster a better understanding of the lab work.  All labs need to be completed for credit.  At the end of each quarter, there will be a test (100 points) covering the concepts learned in the lab activities.  
    4. Projects: Projects will be assigned each quarter (varying point values). You will often be given class time to complete projects.  Points will be deducted for lateness.  
    5. Other work will be assigned and will be worth varying point values throughout the quarter.

    Extra Help

    Two days a week after school according to the exam schedule.  Each week the extra help days will be posted in the front of the classroom.