Current Events in Forensic Science



    Many news stories are based upon forensics for it is always interesting to read about how a crime has been solved. We will be taking a small part of class time each week to share the most exciting media events.  Different students will be chosen each week to conduct a brief 1-2 minute presentation of their article.  It is hoped that through this weekly activity, we will learn more about the world of Criminalistics! 



    • Article must be current… from the last 2 weeks.
    • Article should be at least several columns long and from a reputable publication or website.
    • A copy of the ENTIRE article should be cut out/printed.
    • Include the name of your source.
    • Write a commentary. It should include:
      • The title of the article, source, author and date of publication.
      • Identify the key scientists/officials quoted and where they are from.
      • Write a summary of the article in YOUR OWN WORDS.
      • What areas of forensics are discussed in this article?


    Assignment is worth 30 points. You will be graded on the quality and accuracy of your written commentary, presentation and discussion questions.


    Dates :

                Quarter 3                                           Quarter 4

               Febraury 9th                                      April 27th

               March 2nd                                          May 11th

               March 23rd                                        May 25th

               April 13th                                          June 1st