Follow this link to log onto your Avancemos Online Textbook:


     Your child has received training during class on how to log in, browse the online textbook, listen to vocabulary, view videos, use the Home Tutor function, and complete online textbook work for credit. All students in attendance completed the assignment successfully and have been instructed to keep their username/password in a secure place as they will continue to use it frequently to log onto the online textbook edition for the remainder of the year. 
    The online textbook is a wonderful tool to aid classroom instruction. Please log in frequently and use it to:
    • Study vocabulary.
    • Practice listening to vocabulary/pronunciation.
    • View cultural videos.
    • Click on the "Home Tutor" link and play review games, flip through flashcards, view and listen to video tutorials to review and reinforce the material we are covering in class.  
    • Complete H.W. assignments.
    How do I access Home Tutor? Please follow these steps. 
    1. Log onto Avancemos. 
    2. Click on the Student Resources Tab.
    3. Click on @HomeTutor link on right hand side.
    4.Select your level - Blue circle  "A" beginner.
    5. From left hand side, select the unit we are currently working on. Example: Unidad 5.  
    6. Then select the lesson: Lección 1.
    You have arrived at Home Tutor! You can now choose from the following activities:
    • Practice vocabulary with a video, flashcards, and fun activities.
    • Watch a movie clip and answer questions.
    • Review grammatical concepts such as verb conjugations with mini videos and practice exercises.
    • Conduct a reading comprehension activity. Ex: Answer questions based on a menu. 
    • Listen to authentic Spanish dialogues.
    • Play computer based games (located on bottom right hand corner).
    • We bookmarked the Holt McDougal Avancemos Online Textbook Page to your bookmarks bar on your Chrome Book. It's the orange dot!
    • Your USERNAME is your school email!
    • You made up your own PASSWORD! You saved it on a Google Doc titled "Spanish Class Passwords." Becareful, you only have three attempts before you get locked out.  
    Steps to unblock pop-ups in order to launch Avancemos on your mobile device:
    1. Go to settings.
    2. Scroll down to your browser. -> Select browser (ex. Safari).
    3. Scroll down to "Pop-ups."
    4. Un-click the green so Pop-ups is not highlighted.