REMIND is a great reminder service  for important upcoming class events,  quizzes, tests. I use this with my classes all year long as it has proven very useful to parents and students alike. As of the first day of class, Your child has been instructed and shown how to sign up for REMIND. Instructions are also posted on your child's Google Classroom page for Spanish Class.  In the event you do not receive those instructions, please follow the links below. 
    Please take advantage of this great service!
    You must identify yourself on REMIND.
    Please use your full name when you register or
    you will not be accepted into our class.
    Please text the following phrase according to your class period
    to 81010. THANK YOU!
     SPANISH 8 

    period 8 @8ek7e

     period 9 @d9gdd9

    period 10 @ch3ge68


    per 3 @688kke8

    per 4 @hchak67