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research paper

Human Anatomy                                                              Mrs. Thomas

Research Papers

More than one research paper may be assigned in any given year.  Students will research a disorder or disease of the system we are learning about and write a report or power point presentation.  Each paper must meet the following criteria:

 Two to three FULL pages typed. It may be more considering the information you need to research. 12 point font double spaced.

  1. Power point presentations may also be acceptable. You may or may not be asked to present your data to the class.
  2. Pictures must be included. I want to know what the disease looks like.

The body of the paper should include the medical background pertinent to the system we are currently studying. There must be an introductory paragraph.  Medical terminology must be included and supported.  Key points should include the following:


  1. Introduction: (5) Describe what the disease is. (include any latin translations)
  2. Etiology: (15 pts)

     *What is the cause or origin of the disease/disorder?

     *Is it caused by a virus, a bacteria, abnormal growth (tumors), etc? 

     *What parts of the system are affected? Be as specific as possible. 

  1. Signs and symptoms: (15 pts)

     *How does the patient know that they are affected by a disease/disorder? 

     *Is there pain/discomfort?  Or does this disease/disorder manifest itself in other ways?

  1. Occurrence: (10 pts)

     *Is this disease/disorder rare or common? 

     *Is it more common to specific gender, race, sex, demographics, etc.?

  1. Transmission: (5 pts)

     *How is this disease/disorder passed on? 

     *Is it contagious, is it hereditary, is it due to a spontaneous genetic mutation or is it just “bad luck”?

  1. Diagnosis: (10 pts)

     *What types of medical tests are used to diagnose this disease/disorder (x-rays, CT scans, blood work up, genetic testing, etc)? and what are they looking for

     *How is it differentiated from other similar diseases/disorders?

  1. Treatment: (10 pts)

     *Is there a specific treatment used to cure and/or treat the disease/disorder? 

     *Are prescription drugs prescribed (list and explain) or is surgical treatment the only option? 

     *Does a change in diet help the disease/disorder?

  1. Prevention and Prognosis:  (15 pts)

     *Some diseases/disorders can be prevented, while others cannot. 

     *Is there any evidence that prevention is useful for a particular disease/disorder?

     *Is this a lifelong disorder?  Can you “grow out of it”?  Does treatment cure the disorder?

  1. Please include works cited pages. Three sources must be included! (5 pts)
  2. Pictures (5 pts)


Any criteria not covered in the report will result in loss of points.