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    ENL & ELA Co-Teacher

    Middle School & High School  

    Extra Help- Tuesday or Wednesday as needed.

    ELL instruction emphasizes the development of essential English language proficiencies in listening, speaking, reading, and writing for all students through the integration of English as a Second Language Learning Standards.

    For all ELL programs, the number of ESL and ELA instructional units provided is based on English proficiency and all units must be standards-based.

    To view state learning standards available on the New York State Department of Education Web site, click on the following link: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/biling/resource/ESL/standards.html

    Ultimately, the goal for all English Language Learners is to be successful and comfortable with communicating verbally and in written form using the English language.


    Please review the terms below to assist you in understanding our program:

    •       ELL: English Language Learner 
    •       ENL: English as a Second Language (We immerse our students in the English language, so therefore, we do    not offer a Bilingual Program to our students
    •       LEP: Limited English Proficiency
    •       ESOL: English to Speakers of Other Languages 
    •       NYSESLAT: New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test
    •       L1: First or Home Language
    •       L2: Second Language/English Language
    •       HLQ: Home Language Questionnaire