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Kindergarten Applicants

For Kindergarten registration, the district uses the local elementary school as the registration site.  Parents must notify the school as soon as possible with their child's name and date of birth prior to December 1, 2016.  Please follow the instructions below in anticipation of registration day. Our student registration process begins with parents completing the steps below:
  1. Call your local Elementary School with your child's name and date of birth
  2. Go to the  " Registration Forms" page to print out and complete the necessary forms. 
  3. Complete each section of the packet, taking care to follow the directions noted.  Please complete one packet for each student being registered.
  4. Review the Registration Requirements below.  Acquire necessary notarization and make copies of required supporting documents (tax receipts, immunization records, etc.)
  5. You will be sent a schedule for registration day (December 15, 2016) by the local school you have contacted.
  6. Bring materials to your local elementary school on registration day. *
*Note: Enrollment may be denied if complete documentation is not received by the Registration Office within 3 business days following the registration appointment.
We appreciate your cooperation in making our registration process as efficient as possible.  Please call the Registration office at (516)781-3780 or your local school if you have any questions.  Registration information can only be presented to the District by a parent or guardian.

Registration Requirements

Children Residing with parents or a legal guardian within the district are eligible to attend the Wantagh Public Schools. children who are residents will be admitted to school provided that they:

  • are five years of age on or before December 1st of the year of entrance to Kindergarten (birth certificate required)
  • have proof of all required immunizations
  • have proof of residency

Acceptable Forms of Documentation

  • Original, embossed birth certificate or passport
  • Certificate of Immunization
  • Proof of Residency
  • Parent, Guardian and Custodial Stipulation Forms, if applicable, accompanied by duly executed court documents indicating legal guardianship and/or custody

  If you Own Your Home

If you Rent or Lease Your Home:

If you Live with a Family Member who Owns the Home

 Current Mortgage Statement

Notarized Rental/Lease Agreement or Notarized Landlord Affidavit 

 Notarized Rental/Lease Agreement or Notarized Landlord Affidavit

 Mortgage Closing Documents or Deed  Landlord's copy of Town of Hempstead Tax Receipt  Notarized Affidavit to Substantiate Residency
 OR    AND
 Town of Hempstead Tax Receipt    Landlord's copy of Town of Hempstead Tax Receipt

Plus, any ONE of the following:

  • Driver's license of parent/guardian
  • Utility bill of residence, i.e. electric, oil, cable, phone, etc. 
  • Printed name and address label issued by the Internal Revenue Service
  • Copy of forwarding address card that is post marked from the post office
  • Updated voter's registration card


**Acceptance of other appropriate proofs shall be at the discretion of the WantaghSchool District.

*Please provide any custody papers at the time of registration and let us know if there are any issues regarding the supervision of your child.




Wantagh UFSD
Central Registration Office 
3090 Beltagh Avenue
Wantagh, NY 11793 
Telephone: (516) 781-3780

Forest Lake Elementary School     

3100 Beltagh Ave
Wantagh, NY 11793
Principal: Mr. Anthony Ciuffo
(516) 679 - 6470

Mandalay Elementary School     

2667 Bayview Ave
Wantagh, NY 11793
Principal: Mrs. Marie Pisicchio
(516) 679 - 6390

Wantagh Elementary School    

1765 Beech Street
Wantagh, NY 11793
Principal: Dr. Randee Bonagura
(516) 679 - 6480