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Be a LEADER not a follower!


  • The No Bully Zone Game Show Assembly

    On November 24th all children attended an one hour assembly sponsored by the PTA discussing bullying. Mr. Tom discussed the types of bullies, behaviors associated with bullying, where bullying takes place, and the victim and bystander. Children were taught to take action and stay SAFE which stands for Stand tall and speak up, Ask for help, Figure out your options/choices, End it calmly by remaining cool. Also the children were encouraged to be a HERO which stands for Help out, Empathize/encourage, Report, Open commincation. Mr. Tom was engaging and allowed the children to play a game show, boys verses girls, to quiz them on their knowledge of bullying.

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  • Halloween 2014

    The Mandalay staff dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz on Halloween! The children voted on Mrs. Pisicchio's costume, and Dorothy won. There was a yellow brick road and songs from the Wizard of Oz playing throughout the halls in the morning. The children all looked spectacular in their costumes!

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  • Kindergarten Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

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  • Fire Safety Assembly

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  • Mrs. Kopp's Kindergarten

    Watch Mrs. Kopp's class sing the months of the year!

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  • Let The Fun Begin!

    It was a community affair as New York State legislators, community members, district and school administrators, PTA members and students came together for a ribbon-cutting celebration to mark the completion of the Mandalay Elementary School playground and to acknowledge those who were instrumental in its building and installation. Spearheaded by the Mandalay PTA Playground Committee, the new playground nicknamed “Mandaplay” now replaces “Big Toy” and is being thoroughly enjoyed by students.

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  • Mrs. Schwartz's Class on 9/11

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  • Mrs. McCaffrey's Class in the Science Lab

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  • Mrs. Favata's Class in the Science Lab

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Principal's Message

Soon enough our elementary classrooms will be filling once again with children excited to begin a new school year.  I am thrilled to lead Mandalay and join your close-knit family!  My goal as the Principal of Mandalay is to ensure that our children are growing academically, socially and emotionally.  One of my priorities for this school year is to create a personal connection with the children, learning their names as well as their likes and dislikes. 

I am certainly no stranger to Wantagh School District.  Many of you may recognize my familiar face, as I have served as the K-12 Supervisor of Mathematics for the last seven years.  Throughout my career at Wantagh I have fostered relationships with staff members, families and children; becoming part of the culture of Wantagh.  But equally important, I have a keen understanding of the demands associated with the Common Core Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts. 

New this year is our Wonders series.  Ms. Nicole Waldbauer, K-12 Director of ELA, worked with our teachers to review several Common Core aligned reading programs.  During the 2013-2014 school year Wantagh School District piloted Wonders, and decided to adopt this rich and comprehensive series. The program will not only satisfy the shifts associated with the Common Core Standards for ELA, but also prepare your child with a solid foundation in reading and literacy.

As I embark upon my journey as your new principal I am filled with enthusiasm and devotion to your children and you.  Your children receive the best education when parents and teachers work as a team.  A parent’s enthusiasm, support and involvement coupled with a teacher's ability to teach in a developmentally meaningful way are what inspire children to do their best.  Together we can achieve wonderful things. Beyond the classroom, the hard work of fundraising done by our Playground Committee, Legislators Dave Denenberg and Dennis Dunne and our community yielded the necessary funds for a new playground.  Join us as we open our new playground to students and families at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on September 8th, 2014.  Please mark your calendars!  Thank you to the community and the committee for not only purchasing the playground, but also an electronic sign and working with a local landscaper for some curb appeal.  The joy on the children’s faces will certainly make these efforts worthwhile.

As a parent myself, I know how fast time goes by - enjoy the last few days of summer creating memories with your families.  I look forward to a successful school year.  Please feel free to stop in and say hello to me throughout the year.

Warm Regards,

Mrs. Marie Pisicchio

Mandalay Principal

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