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Principal's Message


Dear Parents:

Summertime seems to move faster than we would hope for, and before you know it I will be greeting all of the Mandalay children back to school on September 1st.  The start of a school year marks new beginnings, and memories to be made.  I am pleased to know each child’s name that is returning to Mandalay, and eager to learn about our incoming kindergartners and new students to the district.  One of the greatest joys of my job is gaining a small glimpse of your child/children each day while they are at school.

This summer I promised my son I would teach him how to ride his bicycle, without the training wheels.  I began to think back on just how shaky my daughter (now 8 years old) felt when I slowly let go of her shirt- it made me think of school, and how the two experiences are related to each other.  A shaky child learning to ride a bike for the first time needs both support and freedom.  With that thought, please continue to support your child/children both academically and emotionally, yet give them the freedom to blossom into young men/women.  The staff at Mandalay is your partner in ensuring the success of your child/children.  In the end, the shaky child will always gain confidence.

We will continue to prepare your child/children with a rich curriculum, and embed opportunities for him/her to think critically, as well as enjoy just being a child!

I look forward to a successful school year. 

Warm Regards,

Marie Pisicchio



  • Buddy Bench Promotes Inclusion

    In order to make sure everyone feels included at recess, Mandalay Elementary School has dedicated a Buddy Bench on the playground. Spearheaded by the student council and Principal Marie Pisicchio, the program encourages students who feel isolated or left out of the fun during recess to sit on the Buddy Bench. A volunteer “bench scooper” will then approach the student and help them to engage in playground activities.

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